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The RMDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. (Previously known as, "Rural Microfinance Development Centre Ltd."), is a wholesale lending organization in Nepal. It was registered on 30 October 1998 under the then ‘Company Act, 1996’ as a public limited company with the mandate to operate as a wholesale lending organization within the framework of the then ‘Development Bank Act, 1995’. RMDC was reregistered under the current unified banking law, the ‘Bank and Financial Institution Act (BFIA), 2006’ as a class ‘D’ financial institution. RMDC commenced its lending operation from January 2000. The main function of RMDC is wholesale lending to MFIs. Besides, it has been extending institutional capacity building supports to MFIs. Currently, RMDC is one of the prominent wholesale lending organizations for MFIs in the country. Its partners' outreach shares nearly 70% of the entire microfinance industry’s business in the country.


Emerge as a financially viable, operationally sustainable and professionally efficient institution for wholesale lending to microfinance institutions in Nepal.



Reaching out to the largest number of the poor and disadvantaged households with appropriate microfinance services to enable them realize their untapped potentials of development through the partner MFIs.



Serve over 2 million poor families across the country with quality microfinance services through over 335 partner organizations (POs) by mid July 2019. 



The main objective of RMDC is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the majority of the poor, the landless and the asset-less through increasing their access to institutional microfinance services for productive undertakings and self-employments. The specific objectives of RMDC are:

· To provide wholesale funds to microfinance development banks, cooperatives & financial intermediary NGOs with collateral or without collateral for on lending   to the poor families and deprived sector of Nepal.


· To provide financial and technical supports in strengthening institutional development and human resource development of MFIs and to develop, expand,      promote and enhance microfinance market.

· To monitor and evaluate the operational activities of partner MFIs.

· To provide financial resources, technical & management consultancy services, training & system for the establishment, operation, development, enhancement and promotion of productive and employment oriented business in the rural and urban areas through MFIs.

· To make necessary supports for the development of industrial service, trade, agricultural sector and other business areas of the country.

· To channel loan or grant fund from international organizations for the promotion and development of the microfinance sector.

· To provide microenterprise loan to an organization on the basis of need based assessment and demand.

· To mobilize the scattered capital lying idle across the country and to provide financial intermediary service through institutional investment and boosting healthy competition.

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