Thursday. June 1. 2023

Capacity Building of MFI Staff and Officials

RMDC offers a wide range of capacity building programs to its partner MFIs for upgrading knowledge and skills of their staff and officials on different subjects. RMDC made all out efforts to build and strengthen institutional capacities and to up-grade human resources of the institutions willing to commence microfinance operation. It organizes various need-based capacity building programs, such as on-the-job training, on-site technical assistance, class-room training on different subjects, study visits and interactive workshops. The subject areas covered followings:

  • Principles of Microfinance,
  • Modalities of Microfinance Operations,
  • Financial Analysis and Delinquency Management,
  • Credit Appraisal,
  • Credit Management,
  • Group Dynamics,
  • Facilitation Skills,
  • Business Planning,
  • Management Information Systems,
  • Accounting and Book Keeping,
  • Branch Management,
  • Training Methodology,
  • Internal Control and Audit,
  • Monitoring and Supervision,
  • Risk Management etc.

In the FY 2013-14, RMDC conducted a total of 49 national level training programs for MFI staff and officials in which altogether 1,420 MFIs staff and officials participated. At the same period 9 international level training programs were conducted, which were attended by 220 MFIs staff and officials.  Similarly in this fiscal year, 13 in house training programs were also organized by MFIs with supports from RMDC, in which 586 staff and officials had participated . In the said fiscal year  altogether 71 programs were organized which were attended by 2,226 staff and officials. The annual progress trend of the MFIs' staff training program of last five years has been shown on figure below.

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