Thursday. June 1. 2023

Capacity Building of MFI Clients

RMDC offers financial and technical supports to its partner MFIs to organize need-based training/workshops/exposure visit programs for their clients in order to strengthen groups’ cohesion, improve capacities of the members and upgrade their entrepreneurial as well as occupational skills. The major MFI clients training programs conducted by RMDC are as follows.


a) Financial Literacy  Training
In the microfinance operation, before enrolling the members into the group, financial literacy training also called pre-group training is provided to the member. During the training, members are given orientation about microfinance program, information on different loans and savings products and its features, rules and regulations they have to comply as a microfinance client. They are also taught to write their name which helps to increase their self confidence. RMDC is providing support to partner organizations for conducting pre-group training as well. 

b) Refresher Training
RMDC from the beginning of its operation has been supporting its partner organizations financially and technically to conduct refresher training for their members. Refresher training is provided to the existing members to review the microfinance rules and regulations and reinforce them to comply. Refresher training has helped to energize members to maintain center discipline as well as financial discipline. 

c) Center Chiefs Workshop
Generally MFIs organized center chiefs workshops once in a year in each branch to have interaction among center chiefs and between MFIs and center chiefs. These forum have been used for sharing experiences and learn from each other. These workshops were fruitful to develop leadership quality of center chiefs and make their role effective in managing their centers and dealing with the center related issues and problems. 


d) Skill Development Trainings
With the funding supports from RMDC, the partner organizations organize various types of skill development training programs for their clients. The major types of skill development training are on subjects such as animal husbandry, vegetable farming, pig/goat rearing, poultry rearing, pickle making, candle making, incense-stick making, mushroom farming, soap making, etc.

During the FY 2013-14, a total of 58,150 MFI clients participated in different training, exposure visits and interaction programs under the financial and technical supports of RMDC. The annual progress trend of the MFIs' client training program of last five years has been shown below.

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