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CEO of RMDC Mr Joyti Chandra Ojha visit to Bangladesh

Thursday. September 10. 2015

At the Invitation of the Integrated Development Foundation, (IDF), Bangladesh Mr. Joyti Chandra Ojha, Chief Executive Officer of the Rural Microfinance Development Centre Ltd. (RMDC) had visited Bangladesh from June 21 – 30, 2015. The purpose of the visit was to be familiar with the microfinance practice in Bangladesh from the world top MFIs – Grameen Bank, BRAC, ASA  and Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) an apex development organization of Bangladesh.


During the visit, Mr. Ojha had meeting with Nobel Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank Prof. Muhhamad Yunus,   Managing Director of Grameen Trust Prof. H.I. Latifee, General Manager of Grameen Bank Mr. Ratan k. Nag., Deputy General Manager of Grameen Bank Mr.  Abdus Salam and Babul Shah.



Likewise, he had visited Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), an apex development organization was established by the Government of Bangladesh providing financial assistance and institutional capacity building support to the Partner microfinance institutions in Bangladesh. He was briefed on the program and activities of the PKSF. He had interaction with the Managing Director of PKSF Md. Abdul Karim and other Senior officials. He enquired about the process of operation, products and services, monitoring and supervision, capacity building, service delivery mechanism and the roles and responsibility of the staff.



Meanwhile, Mr. Ojha had discussed on various facets of microfinance with top level executives including Executive Director of IDF, Mr. Zahirul Alam, Executive Director of Credit and Development Forum (CDF), Md. Abdul Awal , General Manager of BRAC Mr. Sahed Shams Azad, Executive vice president of ASA MD. Fayzer Rahaman.


Mr. Ojha observed centers, branches and regional/area office of Grameen Bank, IDF, ASA and  BRAC. All these organizations have been providing microfinance services as well as other social services for the overall development of the poor families. He had also interacted with clients & visited borrowers house and their projects.




At the end of the visit there was a final round-up meeting with the Executive Director Mr. Zahirul Alam sharing his experience of the visit and getting feedback. Mr. Ojha expressed his views on sustainable microfinance institutions and cost effective modules adopted by the MFIs of Bangladesh. He emphasized to continue exchange visit program between two countries for learning and sharing experience.  He was overwhelmed by the warm hospitality and their cooperation and was highly impressed with the activities of the institutions he visited.

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