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Credit Appraisal Training for the partner cooperatives of RMDC

Sunday. October 19. 2014

A training on Credit Appraisal was organized by Rural Microfinance Development Centre Ltd. (RMDC) from October 15-17, 2014 in Kathmandu for its partner cooperatives. The three day training aimed to provide the theoretical knowledge and practical application to the loan committee members of the cooperatives. The training was attended by 28 participants representing 13 cooperatives. The rise in the number of cooperatives providing microfinance services to clients has increased the need to improve their knowledge and skill to appraise the loan demand of clients in proper way. The resource persons were Managers of RMDC Mr. Pritha Bahadur Thapa, Mr. Roop Bahadur Khadka and Senior Officer Mr. Bhola Nath Regmi. The training program was coordinated by Ms. Annapurna Shrestha, Manager of RMDC.

During the opening session, Ms. Annapurna Shrestha, training coordinator, welcomed all the participants and gave a brief overview of the objective of the training and the need to carry out proper credit appraisals to mitigate the risk in microfinance.


The three day training included numerous classroom presentations, group work, practical exercises and a field visit. The participants were very happy for the opportunity and expressed their gratitude during the feedback session. On behalf of the participants, Ms. Radha Pokharel of Pragatishil Mahila Bikas Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd., Rupandehi, said, "RMDC through such trainings has been making us alert and knowledgeable. The use of simple terms and language has made the learning process for us easier. We assure you that RMDC's vision of effective and sustainable microfinance will be fulfilled by us."


The closing ceremony was chaired by the CEO of RMDC Mr Jyoti Chandra Ojha. In his closing remarks, Mr Ojha said, "We must be able to give advice to our clients and help their business to grow. We have the resources, but, if we do not know where to use it, how will it lead to development? Every time a loan is given out we must carry out an in-depth study and appraisal of the activities it will be used to finance. He assured the participants that RMDC would continue to work towards the capacity building of its partner cooperatives through such trainings. Mr Ojha also awarded certificate to the participants for their successful participation.


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