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RMDC organized Value Based Leadership Workshop for its Partner Cooperatives

Sunday. April 6. 2014

RMDC organized a two day leadership development workshop from April 2-3, 2014 in Kathmandu. The workshop was designed for the chairman and chief executive officers of partner cooperatives of RMDC. There were a total of 31 participants at the workshop. This is the third such program that RMDC has organized focusing on the development of capable and effective leaders. As cooperatives play a vital role in the microfinance sector of Nepal, RMDC believes that there is a great need of building the capacity of their leaders, namely chairpersons, to enable them to attain sustainable growth and good governance in such institutions.

The workshop was very fruitful and was facilitated by Mr. Bikal Prasad Sherchan and Ms. Usha Malla Singh of National Institute for Leadership Development Pvt. Ltd. This workshop was designed after studying the cooperatives and their needs and requirements. Both the resource persons were well equipped with required knowledge, confidence and expertise to deal with the cooperative leaders. They were capable of providing the participants with relevant examples. This was further supplemented by CEO of RMDC, Mr. Shankar Man Shrestha, who was present during the entire workshop and was able to provide necessary linkage with what was being discussed during the workshop and the current prevalent situation in microfinance and the cooperative sector.

As before, the workshop entailed classroom presentations as well as interactive group discussions, debating exercise and experience sharing sessions. During the closing session, Mr. Shankar Man Shrestha thanked the resource persons for their contribution and facilitating the workshop in an interesting and effective manner. Mr. Shrestha said, "A leader should be a model for others to learn from. Everyday cooperatives face new challenges and the leaders on top must have the capacity and capability to cope with such challenges and instead use it to their advantage." He further added that it was essential to have a leader who not only was good in decision making, but also could encourage the similar habits within his team members.

The participants were fully engaged and attentive during the two day workshop. They expressed their thanks to RMDC for giving them the opportunity to participate in such a stimulating workshop. With RMDC's partner cooperatives increasing every year; such a program focusing on the development of its leaders was ideal in the current situation. The positive feedback and enthusiasm received at the end of the program has encouraged RMDC to conduct a second workshop in the near future.

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