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Training on Effective Communication and Motivation

Thursday. December 17. 2015

The Rural Microfinance Development Centre (RMDC) organized a two-day
workshop on, “Effective Communication & Motivation” from Mangisr 28-
29, 2072 Kathmandu for the managers of its partner organizations. There were thirty-five participants from partner MFIs from different districts across the country.

The objectives of the workshop was to improve the communication and
motivation skills of the participating mangers.

The training program was coordinated by Ms. Annapurna Shrestha, Manager of RMDC. During the opening session Ms. Shrestha welcomed all the participants and the resource persons and highlighted the objective of the training. She emphasized on the need of motivational and communication skill of branch managers to effectively manage the branch of an MFI. She said that managers should maintain good rapport and relation with the clients.

On the occasion, Asst. General Manager of RMD Mr. Tirtha Ratna Konaju, said that effective communication was possible when the person’s mind was calm or silent and emphasized that successful implementation of microfinance programs would not be possible without employee’s empowerment.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Bikal Prasad Sherchan and Ms. Usha Malla Singh of National Institute for Leadership Development Pvt. Ltd (NILD). During the two day program, the resource persons encouraged the participants to brainstorm, engage in group discussions and share their experiences.

The major contents of the training were root cause analysis of the problems, and different kinds of beliefs, elements of motivation, types of people and conversation for clarity among others. Classroom presentations and role-play were also a part of the sessions. In the course of the training many ideas, real life field experiences, current challenges and way forward were exchanged among the participants.

The closing ceremony was chaired by the CEO of RMDC, Mr. Jyoti Chandra Ojha. Addressing the participating managers he asked to implement what they have learned in the training. The CEO further said that it was the policy of RMDC to support the professional growth and leadership development of the partner organizations. He said that the managers would be able to play better role in the eradication of poverty in Nepal.

He congratulated all the participants for their achievement and said that RMDC would continue to provide such programs in the future as well. Mr Ojha thanked all the participants for their active participation and the resource person for conducting the training a very effective manner. He also distributed the certificates to the participants. The participants were highly enthusiastic during the training.


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